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5 Basic Things Your Painter Wishes You Knew Beforehand

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  • No.1 – Be 100% sure your home is ready to paint
  • No.2 – Prep time does take a long time
  • No.3 – Just leave it to the pro’s
  • No.4 – Make sure to ask for touch-ups asap
  • No.5 – Have a relaxing sit on the toilet

Sometime in your house-owning life, you will decide to paint your house.

Whether you just want to repaint it or change the colour completely, at some point it has to be done. Most of us aren’t DIY-gurus and we will probably end up hiring a professional house painter.

Homeowners naturally get nervous around house painters – what if they spatter paint against your china or they lean the ladder too far and break the window?

This is where you need to remember to take a deep breath and let them do their job. In theory that might work, but practically, things sometimes don’t always run as smoothly!

This is where your painter wishes you knew the following things beforehand:

No.1 – Be 100% sure your home is ready to paint

That is not to say that you should leave all the prep work to the painters though. They are going to have their hands full as it is and you can easily lighten the load.

For interior paint jobs, ensure that you have removed all the small things that might get in the painter’s way. These include the switch plates and outlet covers on your walls.

For exterior jobs, try to trim the shrubs and make sure that the gutters are in excellent condition.

No.2 – Prep time does take a long time

About 30% of the paint job will consist out of prep time and that is why you are going to pay more for a painter who knows what he is doing.

“The difference between a less-skilled painter and a painter that knows what he is doing is a few accidental paint splashes – and you wouldn’t want that.”

Allow the painter to prep the area, throw a drop cloth down (which is not easy, by the way), and make sure that he does the best job possible.

Watch out for painters that skip this process. It spells trouble.

No.3 – Just leave it to the pro’s

Painting isn’t just a job; it’s an art.

No one leaned over Michelangelo’s shoulder when he painted the Sistine Chapel, so why are you doing the same with your painter at home?

Your living room might never look like a masterpiece, that is true, but backseat painters can become very annoying to painters who would like to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Once you have found someone that knows what they are doing, who is skilled in the art, it is time for you to, quite frankly, back off.

Let them be; they know what they are doing.

No.4 – Make sure to ask for touch-ups asap

Most painters offer this regardless, but it would still be a good idea to ask for a walkthrough once the job has been completed.

Painters won’t offer an endless supply of touch-ups, especially if they know they have done their very best, but nonetheless, human error creeps in and there might be a few spots that they overlooked.

Call them back immediately and ask them to retouch. But if you scratched the paint whilst moving a dresser, for example, don’t expect them to do it for free.

You are likely going to pay a small price for that.

No.5 – Have a relaxing sit on the toilet

Weird, right?

After you’ve had your bathroom painted, this is the best vantage point to see what the paint job looks like.

It’s a great way to catch any tiny spots that may have been overlooked otherwise. The toilet offers a central point of view and things look a lot different once you sit down and admire the paint job.

It is true that the customer is always right, but keep in mind that you have hired an expert painter and you should in no way try to tell them what to do.

Bottom line: respect the process and the process will respect you.

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Things Your Painter Wishes You Knew
Things Your Painter Wishes You Knew
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