Holding an Open House? Do NOT Make These 5 Mistakes!

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  • #1 - Forgetting about the kitchen
  • #2 - Leaving your pets behind
  • #3 - Not hiding your dirty bath towels
  • #4 - Cleaning solo
  • #5 - Not getting a second opinion

If you are busy selling your house, your real estate agent might have spoken to you about showcasing your home.

Heck, the agent might already have even started redecorating your entire abode in order to increase its appeal to buyers.

Even though it might seem as if your agent has everything under control, that does not mean that they are a superhuman miracle worker: you still have your part to play during an open house, even if you aren’t going to present during the showing.

Here are 5 mistakes that any home seller should avoid making when working with a real estate agent in showcasing one’s home:

#1 – Forgetting about the kitchen

So many homeowners ignore this room when selling it and only later they realized that someone had to walk through it with last night’s dinner plates still in the sink.


Even if your house is absolutely cover page perfect, a messy and disgusting kitchen will definitely be a turn-off for most home buyers.

People are very nosy. You should be prepared for this. Expect them to open the fridge, the dishwasher, and the cupboards. Clean out any bad food, pack away the dishes, and wash whatever is in the sink.

And yes, the same goes for the laundry room and the bathroom.

#2 – Leaving your pets behind

Sure, your pets are cute and adorable – who would not love them?

You might even think that they will contribute to the selling of the home because they brighten the place up with their wagging tails.

Well, not quite!

Letting pets run free can be very annoying to potential buyers and they might end up leaving completely.

They might not even like pets which means they definitely won’t be able to see themselves living in the house.

Heck, you should also consider the safety of the pets: once the door opens, they might think they are set free!

#3 – Not hiding your dirty bath towels

You might not think it’s a big deal for a wet towel to hang out on the bathroom rack, but imagine how it would feel to the potential buyer if they had to brush past it whilst looking at the bathroom…

So, pack dirty towels away in the cupboard or throw them in the laundry basket. Clean towels will make your bathroom look well-staged and pristine, and it sets the tone of a germ-free house.

Swop your bath towels with decorative towels instead.

#4 – Cleaning solo

When you are hosting an open house, you might be faced with quite the existential question: are you a good cleaner?

It’s rather simple: unless the answer to this is not a confident and positive “YES!”, then you should consider hiring a professional cleaner.

Don’t think about it as saving some money because you can clean it yourself; think of it as investing that money into a super clean home that you can sell a lot faster because it looks great.

Professional cleaners will get into all the nooks and crannies that you usually miss or completely forget about. They will also be able to eliminate stains and odors that you struggle to get rid of.

#5 – Not getting a second opinion

You know that too-honest neighbor you can’t wait to get away from?

Well, they might serve one very important purpose for old times’ sake: a neutral third party can be a godsend when you feel like you have finally prepared your home for the staging: the smell test!

Sure, over time, you get used to the smells and odors around the house, and only someone from the outside will be able to recognize it. Guess who that might be…

In the end, you might not like what you hear, but at least you will have an honest opinion and you can fix it before it’s too late.

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Open House Mistakes to Avoid
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