5 In Vogue Home Features for Millennial Buyers

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  • #1 - Open plan
  • #2 - Good internet connection
  • #3 - Separate home office
  • #4 - Low maintenance
  • #5 - Low levies

The oldest millennials are officially moving into their 30’s which means that this generation is dominating the real estate market.

This trend is picking up, especially in countries where the majority of the country is between the ages of 16-35.

Many buyers in this generation are first-time home buyers, which means that they might have to compromise on the property that they buy initially until they are capable of upscaling a number of years down the line.

However, there are certain home features that are total deal breakers for millennials and can simply not be compromised:

#1 – Open plan

Open plan living areas are a must for millennial home buyers, especially one that connects the kitchen, the dining area, and the scullery.

Trends have shown that they tend to eat-in and entertain at home more than other generations, and they often want their guests to keep them company in the kitchen when they cook. Furthermore, they prefer the dining space to flow into the TV-room or living room so that entertaining stretches throughout the whole area.

Having said that, they do prefer their dirty dishes and laundry to be separate and closed off from where they are entertaining.

#2 – Good internet connection

The millennial runs on a type of fuel that is absolutely needed in order to survive: technology.

Millennials aren’t just tech-savvy, but as seen above, a large number of them are dependent on the (fiber speed) internet and technological devices in order to make a living and do their work.

A millennial is unlikely to buy a home that is off the grid or has poor cellular service. Their house should have minimal access to broadband or WiFi coverage. Fiber-optic connections are also becoming increasingly popular and many millennial home buyers would actually prefer living in an area where this connection is possible.

#3 – Separate home office

Millennials are often called the ‘gig generation‘ because they are the ones that make up the freelancing market. They are increasingly finding new contracts online or running services off the internet.

Thus, there’s almost no need to leave home to go to work, another trend that is increasing every year. Millennials prefer having dedicated office spaces in order to keep their work and their home life separated.

A room that is permanently set up as an office and where they can dedicate to and focus on the work that they are doing is a huge must in a millennial’s home.

#4 – Low maintenance

As mentioned above, it is true that millennials tend to be at home most of the time, but that does not mean that they are going to spend their time doing housework.

This is not a generation that enjoys doing repairs, maintaining a house every weekend, or doing any types of chores.

Besides, they probably don’t have the time because they are constantly working. It should be no wonder that they are going to prefer properties with long-lasting and low maintenance furnishings.

In other words, home features such as tile floors, granite countertops, and aluminium frames are always popular and are very cost effective!

#5 – Low levies

Millennials often have to work more than one job or supplement their main income with freelancing work in order to stretch their finances.

A huge chunk of their finances will go towards the home loan instalments, so low levies are what they are looking for.

They will avoid complexes and estates where the levies are high, even if the facilities are superb. They rarely have any money left in their budget for special levies, so they will be very apprehensive when it comes to buying into estates/complexes.

All-in-all, millennial home buyers are all about the new age, so it is natural that they look for a house that will suit those needs.

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Home Features for Millennial Buyers
Home Features for Millennial Buyers
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